Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

First Graders In Ms. Cassidy's Class
students working on computers
This was an amazing video that portrayed students working with various types of technology in the classroom. I was shocked to see how many different types they used at such a young age. I love how they talked about each type and then told how it had help them approve on learning skills, writing, and other things that we strive to teach in the classroom. I was taken back with they started talking about their Nintendo DS and how they use them in the classroom. I had never thought about using them in an educational environment. When the students told of how they were used and what they were able to learn from them, I enjoyed seeing this perspective. The teacher really inspired me to use different types of technology in the classroom.

I like the aspect of using these technologies but I have to wonder how do we provide the students with them? I just don't think you could ask  the parents to go out and buy them. I know our school system doesn't have the money to do this either. I think all this sorta depends on the school you are placed at. Though I do like the idea of using all this in my classroom, it will just depend on if the class is given the funding or if the parents can help contribute. I think this is the big issue with technology and anything else, really.

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

This was such a great skype interview that really informed me on technology in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy is so passionate with what she does and it really shows when she begins talking about her classroom and students. I loved learning about how she used blogs in the classroom and how she was able to track how many people viewed each students blog and where they were from. This gave the students encouragement. It's nice to see that her principal and school board back her up with the technology. The principal's over time who didn't really like it never discouraged her and that is awesome! I like how she started using technology for her classroom and not personal. I have thought about making separate accounts for my personal and professional sites. She gave so many good viewpoints on why future teachers should respond positively about technology in the classroom. We have a head start on some things and if we start now then it won't be so overwhelming if we decided to use it in the classroom.

I was so glad she talked about twitter. I am definitely one of those students who doesn't take full advantage of  it and doesn't really understand it. It really can be a great learning experience for me and I can get some great ideas from it. I also liked how she talked about how we can use blogs in just about anything we decide to teach by posting assignments, projects, etc. on there. I have never thought about using facebook as an educational tool but you definitely have to be careful with that and do as she said and have your students make a separate account just for school.

I learned a lot about how to keep my students safe in the classroom with the technology. I liked the fact that she talked to her students about technology and how to not put your last name on anything and other types of information that could get you in trouble. I also liked how she taught them to just go to certain websites and not click on the flashy ones on the side. If they have a question they know they can go to their teacher or to their parents and this is a great thing because they know they can trust them. Trust is a major thing that needs to be instilled in the classroom and especially when using technology. Thank you so much for this interview. I hope to remember the things I learned here.


  1. I could not agree more I loved how the students used the different technologies and then explain to us the viewers how the used them to learn. I also agree with you on the purchasing of these products. How are we as teachers suppose to validate to a school board that we need a Nintendo DS to teach our students a classroom full of computers or ipods. They would think we were nuts. We certainly can not ask the students parents to purchase these high priced items. That is a questions I am still waiting on the answer to.

  2. OK - so how can I help you understand Twitter? You would make great use of it I am sure.

    About paying for technology. Systems can find $ if they really want to. Check out this decision in Auburn, Maine to buy iPads for all kindergarten students this year. And next year. And ...