Monday, April 25, 2011

Special Metaphor Assginment (Blog Post 14)


 Wow! After reading the blog post on the metaphors and going back and reading Tom Johnson's post and my response, I feel like an idiot! I just wasn't thinking! It all is so clear to me now. I think that somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it wasn't just talking about pencils but then I wrote like it did. I probably missed it because I was trying to get through the reading so that I could write my response. I remember really liking the post about it and how he took a stand against the no "pencils at home" rule. But now when I read it, I see how it was talking about the use of technology.

metaphor quote

 I have heard a lot of metaphors since you asked us to start logging them. My fiancee called me a "big baby" the other day because I wanted to see a chick flick and he rented some horror movie. This made me laugh to actually think of an adult with a pacifier and diaper on! Then while watching a TV show, my mom said that "the bad guy was like a rock." What this actually had to do with the TV show, I have no clue but to think of someone round and gray was kind of funny. I also have heard: "she ruffled his feathers," "you are the sunshine of my life," and "his presence warms the room."

As educators, we can teach our students about metaphors by defining them and showing them some examples of them. We can also ask our students to share what they think is a metaphor and we can discuss it as a whole. Metaphors and similes are sometimes confusing so it might be best if we also do a lesson on similes. I know that I sometimes get them confused! We can also do a small project on metaphors by creating some and then portraying them in either a picture or a story that uses them.

We use metaphors to portray a message. Sometimes if we use metaphors it will help grab the audience and keep them intrigued so that we have time to get our point across. I know that I will pay more attention if you add metaphors because it will keep me wondering what the speaker or editor is really talking about. This allows the audience to think! Metaphors need to be used more inside and outside the classroom!!

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