Monday, April 25, 2011

Final Report on PLN


I am really enjoying adding things to my PLN. This has been something that I will continue to use throughout my teaching career. I have recently added a few new tiles. They are:

  • Alabama Virtual Library- I figured this would be something I could use as a research tool when looking into different subject matters and material that I might not have a lot of information on. I will also ask my students to use this.
  • ALEX- After doing a blog assignment on this website, I decided this would be an excellent choice to ass to my PLN. This will be a website that I will use frequently as a teacher. I will be able to use it to look into different lesson plans and to make my own. I will also be able to find great resources here. 
  • Discovery Education- This was a website that I stumbled across that I found really interesting. It has great learning resources for each grade level and subject. I will be able to use this to get a different perspective on materials and it also has worksheets and projects. 
  • Alabama Department of Education- This will be a valuable tool to use because it is a direct link to the Course of Study web page. I will definitely be using this when making my lesson plans for South and also as a teacher. 
  •  ACCESS- I added this website even though I will not be teaching high school students. I will be able to use it to access other websites though and it provides great learning tools and opportunities.

This is all that I have added since the progress report but it is something that I will continue to add to. I really enjoyed this project and think it was an excellent choice to add to the EDM assignments.                   

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