Friday, April 1, 2011

Comments for Teachers

C4T #3
I had the privilege of being able to read and comment on Ms. Jenny She's blog. She did her blog post about Why Teachers Should Never Give Up On Students? She talked about how even though there are times we want to give up we know that the kids need us. She posted an amazing youtube video on a little boy picking up starfish and throwing them into the sea. A man tells him that he can't make a difference because there is too many of them and so the little boy picks up another starfish and throws it in the sea and says he just made a difference in that ones life. 
This video was such an inspiration to me. When we get down and think we will not be able to make a difference in every child's life we just need to remember that each child we encounter, we can make a difference! I responded by talking about the video and thanking her for posting it for others to see. I will remember this when I am having a bad day!

C4T #4
I had to go back a few post to find one that was relevant to teaching because she hasn't posted in awhile. I found this one on her teaching about the Mighty Mariners. After teaching about them, she asked her students to draw pictures of a waka. A waka is a canoe in Maori. The slide show depicted the waka's in an amazing way. The students used a lot of color and you could see the definite shape of the waka. Her students are very artistic!
I posted about how the pictures were beautiful and how I had never learned about the Mighty Mariners or what a waka was. After reading her post, I decided to google it and find out more information on it. This is something that I found quite interesting and that I think I would like to incorporate into a history lesson one day!


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